Logan County Public Service District was created in 1975 to provide water and wastewater service to the majority of the rural areas of Logan County. In 1979, the District’s boundaries were reduced slightly when the communities of Clothier and Mifflin were officially removed to be included within the boundaries of the Boone County Public Service District (formerly known as the Spruce Fork Public Service District).

The Logan County Public Service District boundaries currently include all of Logan County except: the municipalities of Logan, Chapmanville and Man; the Buffalo Creek Public Service District; and the Clothier and Mufflin areas which, as stated earlier, are in the Boone County Public Service District. Also included are the Huff Creek area of Wyoming County, the Harts Creek area of Lincoln County, and the Verner and Spice Creek areas of Mingo County.

The District takes great pride in the quality of its operations. It has established programs to monitor such critical, but often overlooked, aspects of its operations such as water accountability, meter testing, inventory control, vehicle O & M expense, etc. To extend the life of its systems and improve reliability the District has developed and implemented an aggressive preventive maintenance program. The District has computerized its payroll, billing system, and other financial records. The computer system is networked and sized to handle projected growth for many years to come.

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